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Consolidarity – Consolidated Tips For an Improved Lifestyle

About Us

Oooh! I see, you eventually visited this page after all.. Wonder what your reason might be though, but if its the same as the reason it was set-up in the first place, then you will learn all what “Consolidarity” is about, what we do and what we are not.

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Who We Are

“Consolidarity” is a hub for personal development, self confidence and esteem building. Generally, it is a blog centered around building and raising smart and bold personalities that can take the bull by the horn and achieve anything they wish to achieve by providing them with various information and tools to help them succeed.


What We do

Basically, as earlier mentioned, “Consolidarity” is a weblog that curates and also self publish proven contents, tutorials, tips and guides for both old and young minds that wishes to up their game and be well equipped for the future/life.

about consolidarity

consolidarity- combined tips for self improvement

We self publish and curate articles on various topics revolving around personal development and growth. We pride our self as a “one stop shop for all things productivity”, with topics ranging from;

self esteem and confidence building, goal setting and how to achieve them, hypnosis and NLP, Management and leadership, Psychology and behavior, love relationship, dating and romance plus other tips to make life productive.

In summary, we operate in the “growth, development and life hack niche.”

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Meet The Team.

As with every successful venture out there, there are people behind the scenes. Below are the profiles of some persons who are currently working their butts off, to make sure this weblog keeps running and providing useful content to meet its readers demands and needs.


Confidence E. Macaulay – Chief Editor

About Confidence E. Macaulay
Confidence E. Macaulay is an internet marketer & Consultant, blogger and freelancer as well as a motivational speaker and coach. “I am that simple average looking guy whose brain content is bigger than a giant **winks** “.

You can follow him on Facebook @Confidence Macaulay| Twitter @Confimacs | Google+ @Confidence Macaulay| LinkedIn@ Confidence Macaulay.

**Others to be added soon (its a one man show for now)**


Here are some of our Ultimate Guides ever written on this weblog.

1. How to build self confidence and Self Esteem [best guide ever]
2. How to be confident [a guide to improve, increase] and be more confident
3. Self confidence Quotes and how to use them properly.

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